FAQs for Surrogates

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Is my profile online for anyone to view?

No.  Your surrogate profile will be privately maintained by SurroSource and is not visible online.  SurroSource directly contacts agencies to find parents who may be a potential match for you and you get to decide which potential parents view your profile.  All identifying information is removed with the exception of first name, city, and state.  No contact information is released until surrogates and intended parents are officially matched and ready to begin their surrogacy journey.

How much does a surrogate get paid, and does SurroSource pay me?

Compensation for surrogates can range widely from $25,000 to over $45,000, depending on several factors such as experience, insurance, and location.  Surrogates are paid directly by the intended parents, not SurroSource, and the specific amount is negotiated during the contract phase.  SurroSource will, however, discuss with you how much a surrogate with your qualifications would typically be compensated.

What if I’m interested in being a surrogate but I don’t meet one of the qualifications?

Our website has a general list of qualifications that clinics typically look for in a surrogate.  However, some clinics have different guidelines and will make exceptions for otherwise qualified surrogates.

One of the great things about applying through SurroSource is the number of parent profiles you will have access to.  This may allow you to find the parents and clinic that is the perfect fit for you.  Please call us at (254) 644-3710 to find out more.

How does SurroSource work?

SurroSource is exactly what our name implies: we are the go-to source for compassionate women who are looking to start their surrogacy journey.  Instead of spending hours researching which agency to apply to or submitting multiple applications and medical documents to different agencies, SurroSource can do the work for you.

While there is a growing need for qualified surrogates, certain matching preferences or medical factors can make the matching process more difficult and can lead to longer waiting times.  At SurroSource, we will contact our partner agencies directly and search for intended parents who are exactly what you are looking for.  In return, you receive the most possible options in the most efficient amount of time.

How does the application process work?

If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, please call us at (254) 644-3710 to discuss your qualifications and preferences.  Qualified surrogates can begin the application process right away.  Together, we will build your profile, which includes:

  • Application and Profile Questionaire
  • Complete OB and Delivery Records
  • Insurance Information and Copy of Insurance Card
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Copy of Driver’s License or State-Issued ID
  • Compensation Request Sheet

Once your profile is complete, SurroSource will immediately begin contacting agencies on your behalf to find the perfect match for you.