FAQs for Intended Parents

Pregnant young woman holding her belly over a bright background

Does SurroSource match intended parents with surrogates?

No.  SurroSource is not a full-service surrogacy agency.  Our mission is to recruit the best possible surrogates and match them through our partner agencies.  For more information about the agencies we use, please contact us at (254) 644-3710.

Why should we use an agency for our surrogacy journey?

SurroSource highly recommends using an agency for anyone attempting to become a parent through surrogacy.

Our partner agencies are well-versed in the ever-changing landscape of surrogacy.  They will match you based on key factors with surrogates who have been thoroughly screened.  Agencies will also assist you in drafting contracts, negotiating fees, obtaining medical and psychological clearance, making financial arrangements, researching insurance issues, and navigating the pregnancy and delivery process.  They will also be an incredible wealth of knowledge and support to you while helping facilitate the best possible relationship between you and your surrogate.

How does SurroSource benefit intended parents?

There is a growing need for caring and compassionate surrogates.  Both intended parents and potential surrogates can have their matching options limited by location, clinic requirements, insurance status, and personal preferences.  SurroSource increases the number of options for parents and can help shorten the time between applying and getting matched.

Can I look at profiles of surrogates currently available?

In order to maintain the privacy of our surrogates, we do not make their profiles public.  We contact our agencies directly about our available surrogates and only release information to agencies when there is a potential match.  If you would like to discuss your options as a parent, or a looking for more information on the surrogacy process, please call us at (254) 644-3710.