FAQs for Agencies

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Why should our agency partner with SurroSource?

At SurroSource, our goal is simple. We want to help your intended parents get matched with an amazing gestational carrier.  You likely maintain a database with your own carriers who you have thoroughly screened and who are well-qualified. However, there are times when the carriers don’t match the needs of the intended parents you are currently serving.

How does SurroSource benefit our agency?

The surrogacy field is full of compassionate agencies and caseworkers which strive to make their intended parents’ dreams a reality.  When intended parents are unable to find a carrier, it brings disappointment for the parents, as well as the agency personnel who have invested so much time and emotion into serving them.  SurroSource offers your agency more options for your parents and partnering with us helps you meet the needs of more intended parents.

What information is available about SurroSource carriers?

All of our carriers are pre-screened and ready to move forward with your intended parents.  All profiles include an extensive questionnaire, complete OB and delivery records, criminal background check, insurance information, and compensation sheet.  This information, with the exception of the compensation sheet, will be released to your agency once a match has officially been made. Requested compensation will be made available during the matching phase.

How do we match our intended parents with a carrier from SurroSource?

For more information about how SurroSource works with our partner agencies, please call (254) 644-3710.