Who We Are

SurroSource was founded by Melissa and Josh O'Hare when they realized the need for qualified surrogates to help intended parents grow their families.

Melissa and Josh have three biological children and one adopted daughter.  They have personally helped three families realize their dreams of becoming parents through both egg donation and surrogacy.

There is a great need for caring women to becoming gestational carriers. SurroSource is here to help these selfless women bless others through the gift of family.


What We Do

SurroSource is committed to finding the very best gestational carriers to match with the large number of intended parents searching for surrogates.  We screen each applicant and help her find the best possible match through several different agencies.

Our unique approach means surrogates aren’t limited to the intended parents with one particular agency.  Surrogates can fill out one application and SurroSource will help them realize their dream of helping others by individually contacting our partner agencies on their behalf.  This means more opportunities and a shorter waiting period for both surrogates and intended parents.